Traffic fines — What are the infractions and how much do I pay?

Traffic fines

Traffic laws in Costa Rica are similar to those worldwide, however, speed limits are lower than many visitors are used to in their own countries. Speed limits can also change quickly along a road, and drivers are advised to be alert to signage and speed limit changes.
Traffic fines can only be paid in a bank, never to the police officer that issued the ticket.
The following transit infractions are not exhaustive, but should list all the laws that could affect the visitor to Costa Rica when driving.  The associated fines were updated on January 1, 2016:


Category Infraction Fine
A Driving under the influence of alcohol 309.574,47 colones/$583
Driving over 140 kph/87mph
Driving with a suspended license
Overtaking on curves, at intersections, on corners, at railway crossings, on bridges, in tunnels, on overpasses, emergency stopping lane, or in the right hand lane.
Entering a lane which is separated from parallel lane with a continuous barrier line
U-turn or turning left when signaling indicates only to turn right or to drive straight on
B Drivers not providing adequate seating for children below 1.45 m/4.8 ft 209,200.5 colones/$394
Jumping a stop sign (ALTO) or red light
Driving with false or altered plates, or with plates that don’t pertain to the vehicle
Driving more than 40 kph/25 mph over the established speed limit
C Driving without lights between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am, or at other times when visibility is difficult 104,600.25 colones/$197
Driving on the sidewalk
Driving in front of emergency vehicles
Driver or passenger without a seatbelt
Driving without a license
Overtaking a waiting vehicle at a pedestrian crossing
Driving at more than 25 kph/16 mph in restricted areas, such as near schools, and hospitals
Driving while talking on a cell phone or other communication device
Driving more than 30 kph/19 mph over the established speed limit
Driving slowly enough to cause congestion or hinders traffic flow
Failure to comply with fixed horizontal or vertical traffic sign
D Failure to comply with the indicated right of way 51,177.54/$96
Parking in areas where it is not permitted
Driving with a foreign license for more than 3 months after entering the country
Driving on the beach
Driving into the intersection on a green light, if traffic flow is then restricted
Driving at or more than 80 kph/50 mph
Driving more than 20 kph/12.5 mph over the established speed limit
Driving without up-to-date Marchamo (annual road tax)
E Driver causing deliberate damage 22,187.93 colones/$42
Driver fails to give way to pedestrians where indicated
Toll evasion
Use of the horn to pressure the driver in front
Stopping or slowing down to view an accident or similar that causes traffic constriction
Using the horn within 100m/328 ft of a school, hospital or similar
Driving without license plates or plates that don’t comply to regulations