Why to reserve with the car rental agency

Why shouldn’t I book through an online travel agency?

A lot of us go to online travel agencies to get the cheapest flights, the best hotel room prices, and car rental deals, but is this the best route for your vacation budget?
The car rental industry in Costa Rica is competitive as it is worldwide, which encourages agencies to join OTAs for better promotion of their company.  However, whereas OTAs can be a useful tool for the budget-conscious vacationer; they are frequently a cause for contention for Costa Rican tourists. We recommend renting directly through the car rental agency for your trip to Costa Rica.
There’s a number of reasons why you’re better renting directly through a car rental agency for your Costa Rican rental vehicle:
Know what you’re paying: one of the most frequent complaints of renters who’ve made their reservations through an OTA is paying more at the counter  For pricing to appear competitive, often fees, taxes and surcharges are buried in small print or dismissed in a vague statement, such as ‘Your rental may have mandatory, local insurance requirements that result in additional charges at the time of rental.’  Third party Insurance OTA pricing rarely includes third party insurance which is a legal requirement of rental in Costa Rica, and cannot be waived with credit card coverage.  Airport taxes: for customers collecting their vehicle at the counter within the airport building, taxes are applied to their rental cost.  Other costs: License plate fees, environmental fees and other costs may all be unclear at time of reservation.
Between a rock and a hard place: when things go wrong, then the car rental agency is not responsible for your rental—the OTA is.  After a long flight, waiting on hold to contact the OTA is not the way to begin any vacation…and OTAs aren’t known for their speed in resolving issues or their customer service.
Pre-paid reservation: pre-paying can be a great way of getting discounted rental, although this is also available directly from the car rental agency.  Once financial commitment has been made through an OTA though; only that agency can provide any refund if required.
Fluctuating rates: pricing on OTAs can vary day to day or even hourly, making it difficult to get a clear rate.
Who are you renting with?  Some OTAs don’t tell you the car rental agency that you’ve booked with until your credit card details have been processed.V Most customers like to make the choice of who they rent with and not just take the cheapest rate with a company that could have poor reviews.
Last minute deals? It’s not uncommon for car rental agencies to sell out, especially during peak seasons. Waiting for the last minute in the hope of getting a better deal could backfire if the only vehicles left are the most expensive in the fleet.
Zero chance of an upgrade: the car rental agency is far more likely to give perks to its customers paying full rates.
So why start your vacation with stress and frustration?  Contact the Costa Rican website or telephone number of the car rental agency directly for transparent and inclusive pricing—and maybe even a discount too!
Use our guide to how to get cheaper car rental for genuine savings: http://www.acar.cr/en/how-to-save-money-on-your-car-rental/