What add-ons do I need for my car rental?

What extras are needed for a great rental experience?


surf imageRoof/surf racks:

Attached to the vehicle roof, roof or surf racks can be an essential add-on for surfers and those who haven’t packed light! Alternatively, some agencies can offer a luggage box to secure on the vehicle roof.
Do I need them? If the vehicle that is rented is filled with the maximum number of passengers, then roof or luggage racks are an absolute must for transporting bags and cases. Surfers will also want racks for transporting boards.
How much? From $0 to $5 daily rate.

Luggage cover/straps:

Usually the cover and/or straps to secure luggage have an additional fee
Do I need them? for travel in the green season or an itinerary that includes the mountains and especially Monteverde, a cover is advisable to prevent luggage from becoming wet in transit.
How much? Pricing is around $5 but some agencies charge a one-off rather than daily fee.

Coolecooler imager:

Easily stored and refilled at any store on the road, a cooler is a helpful accessory for travel.
Do I need it? chilled beverages on the journey, beach picnic kept fresh, evening drinks cool on the vacation rental balcony….in the tropical heat, a cooler is so useful! Customers travelling with prescription drugs may also benefit from a cooler for storage on long trips.
How much? $0 to $5 daily rate.

cell phone image

There are a variety of cell phone packages on offer from emergency use to international calls that are available if bringing an unlocked cell phone is difficult
Do I need it? It makes sense to be able to call ahead to check hotel reservations, receive calls from home, and have a phone on hand for emergency use
How much? From $0 to $5 daily rate for the basic phone package.

WiFi unit:

Provides a wifi connection for a number of devices at one time.
Do I need it? Business travellers will be glad to be online even when on the road, and for many, the journey time speeds by with an internet connection
How much? Around $15 daily rate.


Additional additional driver imagedriver:

Other group members other than the renter can drive the vehicle too.
Do I need it? everyone wants time to look at the view during the vacation so sharing the driving makes sense, especially on long journeys
How much? From $0 to $5 daily rate.

GPS system:

In a land with few signs and no address system, a GPS system will show the way!
Do I need it? Yes! See more about why here:http://www.acar.cr/en/do-i-need-to-rent-a-gps/
How much? From $8 to $15 daily rate.

Child seating:

Costa Rican law is stricter than many other countries in regards to the height/weight/age restrictions imposed for different car seating categories. Get it right with our guide:http://www.acar.cr/en/childseats-does-my-child-need-one/
How much? From $0 to $12 daily rate.

Contact the car rental agency to see which of the above are available and the pricing. Have a fun vacation!