Long Term Rental

Long term rental and why it could work for you

Costa Rica has long been an ideal destination for snowbirds looking to escape harsh winter in the tropical sun. The chance to spend months in the country provides retirees with cheaper living costs, which make the country attractive for budget vacationers. Similarly, property owners or frequent vacationers may visit regularly without wanting to make the huge investment of vehicle purchase, however, other methods of transportation are costly or inconvenient.
Taxis are much cheaper than in North America, but despite the lower cost, frequent journeys add up fast.  Bus services in Costa Rica are efficient and punctual, which is a cheap method of transportation if you are living on a bus route.  Although this is a good budget option, taxi costs would be incurred for transporting heavy goods or travel off the bus route.
Living in Costa Rica is easier and more enjoyable with your own transportation.  Bringing home a supermarket shop by bus is impractical, a beach picnic is much easier to carry in the trunk, and who wants to wait for a taxi in the rain?
Reasons for not purchasing a car in Costa Rica:

  • High purchase cost compared to other countries. The importation taxes to bring vehicles into Costa Rica push the price of cars up to as much as twice the cost of the same vehicle in the USA. These taxes are equally high for those wishing to import their own vehicle.
  • Wear and tear. The road and weather conditions lead to fast deterioration of vehicle quality and the resulting upkeep.
  • Spare parts. Depending on the make and model of vehicle, spare parts can be difficult and expensive to acquire.

Car rental agencies offer discounted rates for long term rentals and bring clear advantages over car ownership:

  • No large investment cost in vehicle purchase.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Yearly vehicle inspection would be the responsibility of the car rental agency.
  • Annual taxes and costs are paid by the car rental agency.
  • No stress of purchase or sale.

So if you are planning a longer stay in Costa Rica, do consider long term car rental to meet your transportation needs stress free.