The Costa Rican Car Rental Association was formed on September 16, 1970 in order to establish a policy of mutual assistance and to avoid unfair competition between car rental agencies.


The Association became the official spokesperson for the common interests of the car rental agencies, and was further organized following the implementation of the Incentives for Tourism Development Law on July 5, 1985.


This new legislation proposed an accelerated and rational process for the development of the Costa Rican tourism industry and recognized ‘vehicle rental to foreign tourists and nationals’ within the activities with a right to benefits and incentives.


Within this new legal environment, ACAR reinforced its goals, aims and objectives and undertook significant battles to represent and defend the legitimate interests of its members, as well as to promote the provision of rental vehicles within a strict framework of ethical commercial practices.


Currently the Association brings together fifteen of the most well-known car rental agencies in a strong organization that is recognized by the industry. A number of car rental agencies have ACAR representatives on their board of directors.