Have your papers ready! What documents do you need for Costa Rican entry, exit and car rental?

 Use our checklist to ensure that you have all the paperwork you need for your travels and car rental.

 Costa Rica has few requirements for visitors to the country to meet.
To enter and exit the country:
 Here’s the documents you’ll need come into and leave the country.
Passport:  You must have a valid passport for the entire length of your stay in Costa Rica with at least one blank page stamp for customs to stamp.
Airline ticket:  Be able to show a prepaid airline ticket leaving the country within 90 days
Proof of Finances: You may be required to prove that you have access to $100 per month during your stay in Costa Rica.
Cash limits: You may not bring in or leave with more than $10,000 in cash.
Yellow Fever Vaccination Card: If you are flying in from a country where Yellow Fever is a risk, then proof of vaccination will be required for entry into Costa Rica.
To rent a car:
There’s no question that renting a car gives more freedom to see Costa Rica. Use our checklist below to make sure that you come with all you need to make your car rental experience smooth and safe!
Valid driver’s license — an international driver’s license is not required unless the documentation issued in your home country is not in the Latin alphabet.
Valid form of identification — another form of identification is required in addition to the drivers’ license.  For nationals, this can be their Costa Rican identification card, and visitors from outside of the country can present their passport.
Credit card — very few car rental agencies will accept payment or deposit hold in cash or with a debit card.
Proof of CDW coverage from credit card provider — the credit card provider or bank will supply a letter that states the card holder has CDW as a perk of usage.  This letter should include the card holder’s name, the last four digits of their credit card, the maximum amount of coverage, and specifically identify Costa Rica as included in the coverage.
Rental car documentation — The rental agreement and car’s legal documentation must be in the vehicle at all times. Transit police may ask to inspect this paperwork as part of routine roadside checks.
Useful additions:
Navigational system:  A GPS system is recommended but another application widely used in Costa Rica is Waze.  You can download this app and it gives you real time traffic info, road conditions as well as map out your route.  It does require an internet connection though so if you are going to a remote area it is good to have GPS as a backup.
Basic Spanish: A few words in the country’s official language will go a long way.

Do feel free to ask us any further questions about documentation — we’re here to help!