Green Season driving–What do I need to know?

Green Season Car Rental

As Costa Rica enters its green season, drivers have new factors to consider in planning and making journeys across the country.  Green season months are usually from May through November, but with the country’s micro-climates and the effects of El Niño, make weather patterns less than predictable.
ACAR’s green season tips will help make your green season vacation as enjoyable as possible:

Vacation savings

Green season vacations can be a huge plus for the budget traveller as rates are reduced for accommodation, tours and car rental, and there’s special deals on offer too.  Pick up a cheap trip by shopping around for the best deals on line, and pay a fraction of the price that you’d pay at Christmas or Spring break.

Get away from the crowds

When the low season kicks in, visitors can appreciate Costa Rica’s true beauty with deserted beaches and few people in the national parks.  With less crowds and less heat to contend with, many animals are more active during green season days so keep your eyes peeled.

Slow down

Instead of rushing from activity to activity all day, green season encourages the visitor to take a break mid-afternoon.  Enjoy relaxation on your vacation with a well-earned afternoon nap on your balcony sun lounger or hammock while the rain provides a soothing backdrop.

Get the right car

Thinking ahead will make travel easier and less stressful.  While dry season may allow for 5 adults to rent a vehicle with luggage fastened to roof racks; this is not a green season option.  Larger groups or families should rent a car that has enough space for both passengers and bags to ensure comfortable travel.
Road conditions during rainy season make renting an SUV a wise choice for that extra clearance.

Driving tips:

  • Begin long journeys early in the day to arrive before any rain
  • Pull over off the to wait for rainfall to lessen if visibility is affected
  • Avoid driving through puddles which could cover large potholes
  • Check road conditions before setting off. Hotels can help with latest updates to avoid road closures or other issues due to overnight weather.