Further information for US tourists

What do US citizens need to enter Costa Rica?
The Costa Rican government is continuously assessing the situation in the rest of the world and citizens from selected states have been permitted to since the start of September. A full list of the states currently authorized for entry and those due to be added to the list can been found at: http://www.acar.cr/en/which-countries-and-states-are-authorized-for-entry-to-costa-rica/
Adult US citizens must show their driver’s license or State ID to prove residency in one of the approved states as well as complying with the other entry requirements. These are outlined in the image below although it should be noted that the PCR test time has been extended from 48 to 72 hours.


Tourists may fly via states or countries which are not on Costa Rica’s approved list, but the layover time must be less than 18 hours and the traveler cannot leave the airport. For more information on the regulations in place, please see the Costa Rican Tourism Institute’s helpful video explanation: